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When I Cleaned my Closet

"Anna! Wake up!" My mom shouted. "I'm up," I shouted back to her. "Anna," My father called calmly from his office, "You promised to clean your closet today." I grumbled at the unfairness of it all and roused myself. I stumbled into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I went downstairs to find everyone already awake and ready to get started on their various activities of the day. "It's a beautiful day for a hike and I am going with Tommy," my fitness freak sister said, referring to our brother. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful day, with a clear, azure sky and puffy, white clouds lazily hovering across the sky. "Looks like you're going to spend the day alone," my mother said to me. "Huh?" I asked. "You're going to stay and clean that closet of yours," my smart aleck (fitness freak) sister said, smirking, "Last time I opened that, I almost drowned in all your things." "Samantha," my mother interrupted her. "I am sorry honey," she said to me, "But you have to clean that closet." I swallowed my breakfast and ran upstairs to my room, grudgingly accepting that I would have to stay home and clean. I slowly opened my closet door, and was immediately covered by at least three tons of stuff.

"I better get started," I thought to myself and started making piles of stuff. I heard doors opening and people shouting, and then total silence and realized everyone had left. "Finally some peace and quiet," I thought to myself and continued with my work. When I had gotten to the end of the pile of things in the closet, I found a box that was definitely not mine. It was glamorously decorated and had my name on it. "I wonder what it is," I said to myself and cautiously opened it. A small glittery thing flew out of the box, and landed in my lap, "Finally you open it," it said. "What are you?" I asked it. "I am Rhyannon," she said proudly and smiled, "I am the queen of the fairies and I need your help." I looked carefully and saw that she was a beautiful fairy with flaming red hair and one blue and one green eyes, she was wearing an exquisite dress and had golden wings. "How can I help?" I asked, "And can I call you Rhya?" "Of course, now take the map that is in this box and follow me," saying that she flew out of my lap and downstairs to our fireplace. I grabbed the map and followed her. "Your family's fireplace," she said, "Is a portal to our dimension, now get in and say, Fairy World." I got in and said those words.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the most beautiful place I had ever seen.  A forest was filled with all sorts of life. As I watched, all the trees and flowers blocking our way slowly pulled away to clear a path for me and Rhya, who was for some reason now the same size as me. "Welcome to my world," Rhya said, smiling at me. "Thank you," I said and smiled back. I opened the map for a closer look and saw that we were at the beginning of a path, which would lead us to a chest. "I will explain as we go," she said and started leading me down the path. "I am the daughter of Ordalf the Brave and Rhoslyn the Beautiful," she said beginning her story, "I am their first daughter and they had a daughter after me, they named her Faeydae. She and I grew up together as best friends even though we were so different. When we were both of age, our father declared me as the next queen and my sister as the next in line. My sister enraged swore that she would get revenge on me and my parents. Therefore, we have to find that treasure and get it." "Why?" I asked, "What is so important about it? "It contains the Amaranth Aurelia," She said, "It has to obey whomever finds it and if it falls into the hands of someone evil, then it will become evil itself." "Then we better get going," I said and we walked a bit faster. At that moment, I realized that we were no longer in the forest and had come upon a tunnel, a glittering tunnel. "What is that?" I asked Rhya. "It's on your map," she replied. Therefore, I looked at the realistic looking drawing of it on the map and saw that it was labeled simply as "the tunnel". When we walked inside, I saw that it was glittering because of the many diamonds and other sparkling jewels that were half buried inside. "Don't touch any," Rhya said, "If you do, the tunnel will collapse and we will be stuck here forever." We walked through the tunnel and found out that the other end emerged into a beach.
"We are close," Rhya said. As we walked through the sand, I had the sudden impulse to run into the water. "Can I go into the water," I asked Rhya, "Or is there something wrong with that too?" "There is nothing wrong", Rhya said and I ran into the water. So, we went onward and soon came to some stepping-stones, leading out into the sea. "Come on," She said. "Okay," I warily said, and gingerly stepped on the one nearest to me. "Oh, wow," I said and soon we were both skipping along the stones. Suddenly the stones stopped there were no more. "We're stuck," I cried. "No you're not," said something. I looked down into the water and saw a sea serpent. "AAAAHHHH!" I screamed. "Do not be afraid," said Rhya "this is my friend, she will help us get to the treasure." So we climbed on the sea serpent's back, after eating a kind of grass that she gave us and we held on. When we got underneath the water, Rhya said, "You can breathe now." So I let go of my breath and I could breath. We slowly snaked through the clear, cerulean waters and got to a cave. "We will walk the rest of the way," Rhya said. And when we walked into the cave, I saw that it was very dark except for the occasional illuminant fish that went by. "Stop!" A voice cried, "Anna! Don't listen to anything else she says." "Be quiet," Rhya said. And I saw a person who looked exactly like Rhya, tied to a pillar along with two other people, who I was guessing was their parents. "You are evil?" I asked Rhya. She laughed and said, "Do you remember that story I told you?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. "Well," she said, "What really happened was that I was chosen to be the next in line for the throne. Faeydae was really chosen to be the next queen." As she was saying this, I ran to the treasure chest, grasped the bottle inside it and threw to Faeydae, who in turn drank it and said:

Whatever is evil, take away from here                                                        let the water come and make her disappear

And with those words, Rhya was gone.

"Where did she go?" I asked Faeydae after I untied them. "She was transported to the forbidden lands," She said, "But knowing my sister she will probably be back soon." "Here," She added, "take this bracelet so you will always remember us." "Thank you," I said. "And drink this and wish to go home," saying this Faeydae poured something into my mouth. I said, "I wish I was home," And I opened my eyes. I was home. "Anna!" my mother shouted, "We're back." She came to my bedroom door and peered in. "Oh, did you find that bracelet while you were cleaning?" she asked. "Yup!'" I smiled to myself and closed my closet door.
Another one of my stories. Hope you like it!
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